Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Like Mother, Like Sons and Daughters

Laura asked me a question that I couldn't fit in the combox.

Which of my amazing and strange little people is most like me?

I've been pondering it all morning, and this is what I've come up with.

Paul (21) is most like me in temperament. He's a choleric-sanguine, strong-willed but sociable. And we both make copious lists, and lists of lists. Plus he has my curly hair. But, he has an amazing drive, tenacity, and intelligence I can only wish for.

Kevin (19) is most like me in taste (except I'd never wear a "Shaggy" beard). We are both avid readers and prefer the same kinds of books and music. We have a similar philosophical bent and are great people-watchers. But, Kevvy has a strength, presence and composure that I lack.

Jonathan (17) shares my aesthetic taste and love of art and all things beautiful. He has a special appreciation and love for the littlest children that I share. But, Jon has a God-given talent in art and music that I can only dream of, and his depths are way deeper than mine.

Dominic (15), like Paul, shares my basic temperament and we both have a special love for the mountains. But, I could never have the twinkle in my eye that is a Dominic trademark. He has a charm and a zest for life that is a special gift.

Michelle (13) loves words like I do, and is especially drawn to poetry. We like the same kinds of books and music and she also inherited the curly hair. But, Michelle's is a gentler spirit than mine. She has a special instinct for endearing herself to others. And I can't touch her in poker.

Theresa (10) loves, loves, loves school just like I always did,
and is another voracious reader. But, she has a natural skill for abstract logic, and a deeply spiritual nature that I wish I had. And there is not a selfish bone in her body.

Cathy (8) is Miss Practicality, with a philosophical bent like Kevin and I have. She's extremely visual like I am, and promises to be a talented artist like Jon. But, Catherine is the most amazing athlete you've ever seen for a wee slip of a girl, a trait I never had. And she has a way better fashion sense than I do.

Anna (6) is strong-willed and imaginative, like I was as a little girl. We're both stubborn, but know "which side our bread is buttered on." We're still getting to know what Anna's all about, but I think she'll be way more dynamic than I am. We think she'll be president of the United States someday.

Gabe (4) loves homey things like I do, and loves his family with all his heart. But he's much sweeter than I could ever hope to be. His little heart is all about loving. Like his sister, Theresa, there's not a selfish bone in his body. Wish I could say that about myself.

William (3) is a ball-o-fire, which my Mom tells me I was at his age. We're still getting to know him, too, but I think William will be more fearless than I am. He is the picture of perfect self confidence at three years old. He may be running against Anna for president someday.

So, who's most like me?
All of them and none of them.
Nobody is my clone, thank goodness! But I can see a little of myself in every one of them. And, thank goodness, I can see a lot of their father. And a lot of individual talents and sparkle that God must have special-picked for each of them. I can't pick just one out that I'd say is most like me. And no two are alike! Out of the whole bunch, you'd think you'd have a couple of obvious subsets, but there are actually about ten to fifty possible groupings, each child crosses over into several, and no two are in the same ones. It's a fascinating thing to see how each of these amazing and strange little people turns into each his or her own perfectly wonderful and individual person.

For the record, if you're interested in genetics:

I have blue-green eyes and my husband has brown eyes, and we ended up with six brown-eyed children, three green-eyed children, and only one blue-eyed child.

I was a tow-head as a child, but my hair darkened to very dark brown by the time I started having children and my husband has always had dark brown hair, and we ended up with six children of dark brown hair, and four who are blonde to light brown.

My hair's curly, my husband's poker straight. Out of the gang we have two curly heads, two with wavy hair, and six with straight hair.
Out of all the children, Catherine looks most like pictures of me when I was her age.


SQUELLY said...

Wow! They are amazing!

His Servant: Ann Kraeger said...

Sounds like my bunch. Doug has blue eyes and I have brown. Three of the kids have blue eyes and three have brown. Doug has black hair and mine was (before hair color) dark brown. We have one black, four dark brown and one auburn. And we recently discovered that Doug and I both have A+ blood type and out of six kids four have A+ and two have O+ (like my dad). And I could go on and on about their personalities too.

Bia said...

what beatiful descritions of your children...i could tell you put a lot of thought into them.

bella, bella famiglia.

MightyMom said...


thank you for that little insight into each of your kids. It's especially wonderful that you see each child for the individual person that they are!


Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Great post! Me ..i'm plain melancholic!

Anonymous said...

What a fun read that was.