Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Apostles' Creed ~ in a Word Cloud

Found a clever gadget to make the above 'word cloud' ~ via my husband's ever-watchful eye. The things you learn when you read economics blogs! Who'd have guessed?

To see some visualizations of Obama's inaugural speech, contrasted to George Bush's and Abraham Lincoln's speeches, run over to Wikinomics. To make text visualizations of your own, you can sign on at IBM's Many Eyes site. Imagine the possibilities!

Can you guess what the above text is from?
(This is an easy one...)

How about this one?
Bozo Button to the first who can tell me!


Aubrey said...

Well, the first one is The Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll (from Alice in Wonderland).

I feel like I should recognize the second but I don't.

These look super cool! I'm going to have to go try it!

Mamabear said...

The last one is from Shakespeare's Sonnets. I know Sense & Sensibility by heart! ;)

Lisa said...

You got it, Aubrey! &:o) These ARE fun to play with! (Wasted more of yesterday afternoon than I should have playing with them....)

Stephanie ~ I KNEW you'd get it! &:o) I love the Jane Austen movies, too. And, though I studied Shakespeare in college, I know this sonnet (116) from Sense and Sensibility, too! You get the Bozo Button!