Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lists, Lists, Lists

I just got a new notebook.
And a package of cute little pens to go with it.
Life is Good.

I like to get the little notebooks that look like this. -->

They're cheap at W-mart, they're just the right size, they come in neato patterns, and they have a little double pocket inside the front cover that comes in very handy for coupons and stamps and things like that.

If I don't sit down every night before bedtime and write my remember-to-do-tomorrow list in my little notebook, my life moves along just like...

I have a mind like a seive, you know.

It's really a necessity that I write everything down.

Like: "Take Your Ginkgo Biloba!"
(Talking to myself here, of course)
And these notes, from today's notebook page ~ the Schooling Section:
+Write Tooth Get Well cards for Paul
(Paul just had two wisdom teeth pulled...)
+Make sure Cathy doesn't slip out of reading to me today
+Where is Theresa's Reading Comp book?
+Creative Writing ~ Make-a-Monster project.
+Find winter poetry for memorizing
+Work on history timeline
+ Dig up The Last Battle to start tonight
+ Get some Amarilys bulbs to start
+Look on Crafty Crow for art ideas

And, from the Miscellaneous and Meals section for today:
+breakfast: Boiled eggs? and toast
+lunch: those crudites (from last week), cheese, apples, raisins, muffins
+dinner: broc/rice/cheese/ham casserole (have enough ham left?)
+Work on files and seasonal notebooks
(Dawn's organizational ideas rock!)

Which leads me to a few other lists I've been compiling in my head lately. Here's the first one:

Things that tickle me

* The Littles playing hide-and-seek.

William has it all figured out; he can find Gabe every time they play, easy-peasy. It cracks me up that a three-year-old can use what he knows about his four-year-old brother's temperament to suit his own purposes. You see, William knows that Gabriel laughs at everything. Life is a joke to him. So, when he wants to find him, all Yuyum has to do is make Gabe laugh. He goes around the house, peeking his head around corners saying things like, "Where are you, Booboo Bunny? Booboo Gabey? Booboo Chicken?" And, his brother giggles, of course, and is found every time.

* This dumpster outside of Ouray, CO.

Where the bears put their trash.

* Small people coming into their own, um, so to speak.
William has never had trouble asserting himself, but having developed the gift of communication, he's learning to explain what used to be crying fits we couldn't translate or calm. Here's an example:
I had thought it was a good thing, considering that our two youngest boys are completely surrounded by girls all day, to insert some "boy" programming into their lives. So, I've made a point of turning on the cartoon Handy Manny for them for some time now. It's about tools and fixing things, harmless, and not too annoying. But, William recently told me: Mommy, I HATE Handy Manny. I like MOVERS better! "Movers" is a show called "Imagination Movers," a real person kid-show with lots of music, also harmless and not too annoying. So. Go figure. William is another musical guy. Hopefully he'll get with the tool thing, too, later on, like his big brothers. But, I now consider myself duly corrected. Three-year-olds have a right to their likes and dislikes, too.

* Faces like this:

* The shoe store down the street from our Church
with the huge sign, proudly displayed over its door:


* What you don't see here...

In spite of the heavy tool belt.
Paul is the king of decorum!

(Tomorrow, another list: Things that Scare Me)


Memarie Lane said...

I really ought to make lists too. Well I do make lists, but they're fun lists, not to-do lists. BTW "sleeve of wizard" is from Borat, a film you would probably find rather obscene. ;)

Lisa said...

LOL! thanks for the warning, Marie. I expect I would find it obscene, as I find most movies! Being a prude (as in prudent, mind you, ahem) saves me the most money that way!

Bia said...

Nothing like new stationery to set my heart all a-flutter. New pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, still my heart.

MightyMom said...

oh fabulous lists!!

I make lists!! and goals!! and rolling lists of goals.... and ....

I had to go and check out your little green room! How wonderful!! Now, I might have to paint Sugars' tiny...non-walkin closet..which is my space...that I can't fit into haha. :-) It's where I store all my fabric and such.

Suzy said...

This post got me smiling from ear to ear, a bit like this :)
Just what I needed to cheer me up! I love your descriptions of William and Gabe. They are adorable.
And the lists thing... Yes I do that too. But ususally they are much more random in content and written on whatever available scraps of paper I can find at the time, written with whatever available pen works at the time lol!

Kevin said...

Thought the last pic might have been a "Crack Kills" public service announcement...

Lisa said...

Aghghhgh! KEVVVVVYYYYY!!! (You got me! I laughed, I admit it!)