Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Refuse To:

* Feel apologetic toward the hot-rods who want to pass me on our winding country roads when I'm doing the speed limit
(For goodness sake!)

* Wear spiked high-heel or pointy-toe shoes
(Learned that lesson long ago; vanity is not worth the price!)

* Believe William is going to clean up all the playdough if I let him get it out
(Stopped expecting the brownies to come clean my kitchen a long time ago, too...)

* Get sucked into a "child-limiting" discussion on an internet forum
(Ever again!)

* Act like an old woman.
(My husband and I have a "No grunting or groaning" rule to help prevent that...)

*Forget that I'm not a spring chicken anymore
(Like, cartwheels at my age and condition are a really bad idea...)

* Be whined or bribed into doing anything by my children
(But flattery, hugs and kisses work pretty well...)

* Offer to make big bacon, egg, and pancake breakfasts
(This is how I've secured my husband's breakfast-making cooperation lo these many years. --smirksmirk--)

* Let our girls even think of dating until they graduate from high school
(And then they have to bring one of their big brothers along... Mwahahaha!)

* Let our sons re-shingle our incredibly steep roof
(No way!)

* Allow the flood of evil tidings in our world to sink my boat
(Just keeping my eye on the North Star, singing to the rythm of the oars, and keeping my powder dry)
( Tell me if you get tired of my lists, ok? And feel free to add to them, if you like!)


His Servant: Ann Kraeger said...

I'm with you on the daughter dating. But I was thinking more like until she is 25.

MightyMom said...

I refuse to feel guilty for taking a Mental Health Day tonight!!


Marie said...

LOL Lisa great list!

My mother had a great trick when we were dating and our boyfriends dropped us off at home. If we took more than FIVE minutes to say goodnight she would stand at the window and FLASH her torch..If we didnt go in immediately Mum would come out and knock on the window then climb into the back seat.

Talk about mortifying! LOL!

Love and laughs

Marie xoxoooxoxo OH, how I wish I could do cartwheels weeeeeeeeeee LOL.

Laura said...

I refuse to believe that a healthy body has to be bone skinny.

Aubrey said...

I like your lists a lot! I nodded in agreement with many of these and laughed at others. Thank you for sharing these! :)

Aussie Therese said...

I read this list when you posted it and couldn't think of anything to add then. I have since remembered that I refuse to be told how to drive my car by my inexperienced 17 year old who thinks he is a better driver than me. I remembered this because he was trying to tell me when to turn.