Monday, January 5, 2009

The Vacation Slideshow

So last week, Thursday through Saturday, I got to take my dear husband to Western Colorado on a mini vacation to celebrate his 43rd birthday. The big kids offered to babysit, all the children took up a collection so that we could go without guilt (aren't they the sweetest?), Dan's parents supervised, and I... Well, I provided directions to all the Starbucks enroute and snapped lots of pictures to document the occasion.

But, I don't want to bore you with too much build up. Let's get this show on the road! Hang onto your hats, here we go!

(Lights click off. Hear the humm of the projector. And with a wave of my arm...)
These first two are in the Ridgway area (Where True Grit was filmed).

These next few were taken in and around Ouray, except for the sheep you see there that we ran across on a mesa top ranch west of Montrose. We rolled down our window to take a picture of those sheep and were amazed at just how much they did not care that we were taking a picture of them. And baah-ing at them. And making snide comments about their apathy. They wouldn't be baited and wouldn't laugh at our jokes. Sheep really are rather dull, bless them. Serene, but dull.

This is the house overlooking Ouray that I would buy if I had a million dollars. (You see the picture in the header? That's the view this house has from its front porch!)

Always have to get a picture of a black crow on a red barn when I see one...

This next series of shots we took at the Ouray Ice Park. Next week is the Ice Festival in Ouray, which draws ice climbers from all over the world. You see the picture of the nice young ice climber taking a picture of his buddy climbing? We got to talking to him and he told us that the "clamp ons" that they wear on their feet start at $500 and the ice picks they use are about $200 a piece. I guess if you're climbing up ice waterfalls, you spare no expense on the best equipment. I don't blame them.

He also told us that the ice climbers spend so much time hanging from their picks in their ascents that the blood drains from their arms and their joints and muscles become extremely stressed, so that when they finally get to the top and put their arms down, the pain is so intense, the climbers call it the "screaming pukies."
Isn't that nice.
I had one question for him: Does your mother know you're doing this?
You can't see them from this high angle on top of the bridge, but there are ice climbers lined up all along this chasm, climbing down into the river bed below.

--straight down--

--and then back up again--

And here's the birthday boy...
The father of ten children,
who could teach these guys
a thing or two
about courage and daring!

Happy birthday again, love of my life!

Here's looking at you, kid!


GrandmaK said...

Glory be to God!!! What beauty!!!! (green is the color of envy...mine is only pale green, lest I appear too envious of your trip!) Cathy

MightyMom said...

I have 3 kids just barely 5 and under (all have special needs) ....families of 10 or more fill me with facination and nausea.


Lisa said...

Cathy ~ It is God's country! But, then, everywhere is, isn't it? &:o)

MM ~ LOL! Sorta like watching the ice climbers, isn't it?

We were there where you are now ~ and have had the worry of very difficult pregnancies and three preemies, too (though no technically SN kids) ~ It's got to be one of the greatest challenges God gives. But, it does get better. They don't stay toddlers forever! And every single one of them is worth every moment of trouble.

Soutenus said...

Your pictures are gorgeous . . . the one of the sledding hill . . . . I dream of that VERY image. A lot! Sometimes it has snow and sometimes it is grass. I wrack my brain when I wake up because it seems like such a real place but I have never actually been to it. Sometimes in my dream I sled on it and sometimes I don't.
isn't that odd??? But your picture looks just like my dream.

Lisa said...

Hmmm... Peggy, that is interesting. Maybe it's a prophetic dream and you'll come to Ouray, CO someday. And I can meet you there for coffee at our favorite coffee shop! &:o) I like that.

Memarie Lane said...

The screaming pukies, I like that.

Bia said...

wow. absolutely breathtaking.

I love the last photo of you . . . you look so blissfully happy.

Aussie Therese said...

the photos are great Lisa.

Aubrey said...

Oh my goodness, those scenes are absolutely breathtaking! I've never been to the Western Slope but I really want to go. I have spent a lot of time in the Arkansas River Valley, Chaffee County, round about Salida and Buena Vista. I love that area and could never get enough of it. So glad you had a good vacation! :) Cheers from Nebraska!