Monday, January 12, 2009

The Fancy C Assignment

Laura at Catholic Teacher's Musing passed out some assignments the other day, and I landed the letter C to work on. The challenge is to name ten things I fancy that begin with the letter C.
Here goes.
(Not necessarily in the order of preference.)

1. Colorado (and the reason Laura gave me this letter!)
I've lived here for the last thirty years of my life and can't imagine living anywhere else. I love this place!
2. Children
I've never not been around children in some capacity; as big sister, as teacher, as mother I love them in all shapes, sizes, and dispositions.

3. Crayons
Ah, the smell of a newly opened box! The thrill of those rows of rainbow-hued points goes clear back to kindergarten days ~ mine and eight children's so far.

4. Coffee
In our family we were allowed to drink coffee when we turned twelve. I remember being so proud when my Dad invited me to join him in my first cup; it meant that he acknowleged my coming of age. Stirring in that first spoonful of Coffeemate, I knew that I was finally poised on the brink of adulthood. And now, here I am these many thousands of brewings later... Having dived off the brink and into the cup, I am contentedly paddling around ~ in my dark roast Starbucks blend (if I can afford it), with a splash of vanilla creamer, one teaspoon of cocoa, and one teaspoon of sugar.

5. Chesterton
Never pithy, always wise, often funny, G.K. Chesterton is one of the best writers of any age, and, in my book, the quintessential philosopher of the modern age. And prolific! There is almost no subject that Mr. C. did not touch upon, and, though he died in 1936, I declare, I haven't found a treatise yet, whether it concerns politics or the social dilemma of the modern world, that is not spot-on today.

6. The Catholic Faith
I have the great privilege of being a cradle Catholic, raised by devout parents, a product of the Catholic School system, but I still have only barely touched the shore of the ocean that is the Catholic Church. It's as vast as the universe, but as specific as the neutrons in the cells of these fingers typing right now. It encompasses all and forgets nothing. It is God's home on earth.

7. Clouds

They're three quarters of the landscape out here on the Colorado high prairie. And, while I'm not as big a fan of the prairies as I am of the mountains, I can't help but be amazed and entertained by the almost daily art show in the skies here.

8. Chocolate
What more is there to say?

(I'm finding this letter "c" way too easy... It's reminding me of taking a test in my school days when I thought for sure I must be missing some important prerequisite. You remember, the trick test where the instructions tell you to read all the questions before you begin and the last words on the test are: Never mind about taking the test. Bring your paper to my desk and go home.)

9. But, while we're on the subject of sweets, you know I can't resist this one:

10. Cassatt, Cameron, and Child
(Is it cheating or extra credit to add three here?)

But, seriously, I wouldn't want it to appear I'm only about crayons, children and chocolate! (Even though I mostly am...)

Why these three?
Mary Cassatt ~ speaks to my station in life, as well as an irresistable attraction for good visual art. I also admire her for the audacity of using only her first and last name.

Julia Margaret Cameron ~ one of the first renowned women photographers, didn't pick up a camera until she was 48 years old. I love photography and would love to learn more about it. Maybe about the time I'm 48 I'll have time to pursue it seriously...

Lydia Marie Child ~ A nineteenth century publisher of children's periodicals, domestic arts books and the author of "Over the River and Through the Woods," Child was also an early advocate for the rights of American Indians, and an all 'round dynamic and interesting lady. If I were going to write books or articles, it would be along the lines of Child's pet topics, save I would exchange her advocacy for the Indians with something more cutting edge for our times ~ advocacy of the unborn.


Aussie Therese said...

great answers Lisa. You did a great job.

I have an award for you at my blog.


Anonymous said...

This is the best list I've read so far.
Just because you made me want to read more about #10, the 3 of them!
Thanks for that! :)

MightyMom said...

too fun!!

Bia said...

C was the perfect letter for you!!