Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And the winner is... All of them!

No, not really. Though I do love them all, and found some more that I like, too, when I was strolling through the vast corriders of my picture file...

But, with your help, I settled on three.

Though the headlock pic, below, was the hands-down favorite, I need to establish whether or not the photos can have more than one face in them. And, since two weeks from now the theme is "joy," I thought I could hold this one until then if it's ok to use.

So, the next two favorites were:

Serious Anna, which has a kinda ick background and not the best quality, but is SO Anna. I'll try this one in the kids' category.

And this photo of Michelle, which I'm going to send in for the adult contest, though, technically she's not an adult... I don't know at what age they consider a kid an adult. They haven't posted these kinds of particulars yet, as it's a brand new site, but what the hey. I'll give this one a shot in the adult contest.

Bear with me when I post them separately later with the proper links and things?
Thanks for the help, as always!

1 comment:

MightyMom said...

sweet little Anna...but I just HAVE to love on those boys!!

they look like they need to come play at my house!