Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The Polar Bear

The Polar Bear is unaware

Of cold that cuts me through:
For why? He has a coat of hair.

I wish I had one too!

~ Hillaire Belloc

* Snowy and cold here this morning. And to think, this time last week it was in the 70s and we were outside in our shirtsleeves!

What's the weather like at your house today?


Anne said...

I don't want to talk about it! HA! So cold!

Soutenus said...

High 50s, about 200% humidity (no rain though), gray, soggy, with NO breeze
--- I take that back. I am on the second floor and I see, out the window, our school flag waving a bit --- so there is a slight breeze....up high

Joannof10 said...

20 degrees at 11am with the promise of a snowstorm tonight--up here in central NY we only got into the 40s last week--

Memarie Lane said...

It's been pretty warm here the last few weeks, highs in the mid 50's. But in El Paso last week it was in the 70's. I had a hard time finding warm weather clothes for the kids!

Aubrey said...

Here in Nebraska, it is currently 11 degrees and snowing, but it's the kind of snow that is so light that there's no accumulation; it kind of hangs in the air or floats down like miniature feathers. It's pretty to watch and very peaceful.

I just posted a little thing that my six year old wrote about Polars Bears so it was funny to log in and see this! :)

Bia said...

drizzly, drizzly, drizzly...which does absolutely nothing for my hair.