Monday, January 12, 2009

Help me choose?

I was a-visiting over at Joann's place, where she is introducing a very cool website called "I-heart-faces." They have a weekly contest where we can submit face shots of children, adults, and, in February, pets.

What fun! You should see Joann's adorable entry!

My problem, though, is that I have so many favorite photos, I can't choose which to send!

Which do you think I should submit this week? The deadline is Wednesday.

A rare good photo of the Mid-blink, contortous-mouthed Jonathan-icus.

Real swingers here, not the variety referring to '70s party-goers.

Another rare photo: one of our intrepid faerie explorers, dictating terms
during the capture of a young female homo sapien.

Anna Do-not-be-so-foolish-as-to-poke-fun-at-me-under-any-circumstances-but-especially-not-about-this-picture Davis
The rarest of photos yet.
I call it: You can't hit me if you're in a headlock, can you, brother?

"All I have to do is put my thumb down and I'm four!"

The ever-popular "I love to wear my hat and coat until I go outside" shot.
What do you think?


Aussie Therese said...

I have to go with the headlock one. It is just precious.

Soutenus said...

I vote: The picture you captioned, "You can't hit me if you're in a headlock, can you, brother?"
Because I am a sucker for brotherly love . . . that one is just precious!

Donna said...

Ok, well, I am ever so slightly at a loss. But, I really think the one of Anna should go!!!! Her face is sooooo serious, and her hair is sooooooo wonderfully funny!!!!!! I just love that picture. I may have to take Paul and Nicole's funny faces off my background on my 'puter and put Anna on it. I just might have to do that!!!!

Joannof10 said...

You do have a problem, Lisa!! all those photos are just too darn cute! :-)

Bia said...

They are all so cute...but that one of Michelle is so sweet.

Kim H. said...

Popped over from Bia's place. I liked them all - but the one of your daughter with the three pony tales is HILARIOUS - and yes, she looks so serious. I also like the one of your daughter Michelle, with the beautiful curl across her forehead.

His Servant: Ann Kraeger said...

the swingers are my all time favorites. but I am partial to little boys with a devilish look on their faces. Your children are beautiful and so talented.

MightyMom said...

definitely the 2 boys!!

we have a problem with "pushing" as in boy the younger stands up...boy the 15 months older stands behind him, younger brother leans into older bro...older bro leans back...then they're shoving each other with their's a how-we-fight-without-using-our-hands-so-we-won't-get-in-trouble-for-fighting technique.

unfortunately school has stated lately both boys have started pushing at school too. sigh.

Sheila said...

Oh, I liked the one of Jonathon the best! Good luck!

Laura said...

You're right. They are all wonderful.
The last won though...I just LOVE.

Delena said...

Even though I like the fairy photo, I think the headlock photo is great! :-)