Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our Luxuries









First Luxury child: Jonathan Charles ~ artist, musician, choir member, altar boy all-around wonderful kid -- instead of the rolex.
Second Luxury Child: Dominic Alan ~ super kid, altar boy, choir member, mood-lightener extraordinaire, everyone's friend -- instead of the Lexus.
Third Luxury Child: Michelle Francis ~ writer, poet, choir member, beautiful girl in every way -- instead of the cabin in the mountains.
Fourth Luxury Child: Theresa Philomena ~ student, intellect, aspiring musician, sweet girl with a heart of gold -- instead of the cosmetic surgery.
Fifth Luxury Child: Catherine Cecilia ~ athlete, super-focused, always willing, wonder child -- instead of the doghouse mansion and spoiled pets.
Sixth Luxury Child: Anna Germaine ~ sweet, determined, fairy-like, future doer-of-great-deeds -- instead of the luxury beach house.
Seventh Luxury Child: Gabriel Joseph ~ organized, loving, funny, friend to the world, sweet little man -- instead of the yacht.
Eighth Luxury Child: William Thomas ~ dynamic, energetic, fun and full of life, loving little guy -- instead of the berth for the yacht on the French Riviera.

Can these things measure our children's worth?
Heaven's NO!
You know the answer; it's just like in the commercial:

Every one of these children is PRICELESS.

Their sum total is priceless beyond measure.

Oh, and just so my two standard-issue children don't feel left out...

Standard-issue Child #1: Paul Joseph ~ athlete, altar boy, intellect, writer, poet, craftsman, inventor, leader-of-men and all-around amazing wonderful guy!
Standard-issue Child #2: Kevin Christopher ~ athlete, altar boy, intellect, writer, poet, musician, choir director, everyone's friend and inspiration, all-around wonderful, bigger-than-life guy.

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Bia said...

And what treasures you have! You are truly blessed.

God bless.

Wendy said...

I absolutely loved this post! I'll probably mention it on my blog! Yes, you are richly blessed!