Monday, September 10, 2007

On Top of the "Big Table"

We spent the day today in the leafy forest on top of Colorado's Grand Mesa or "table mountain." Check out these leaves Michelle found as big as her head! We haven't figured out what these are yet; they weren't in our field guide. Look almost like giant maple leaves, but were growing on the ground.

This illustrates why they're called the "rocky" mountains. Even though this was a comparatively easy trail, it was treacherous going sometimes and slippery with pebbles. By the end of the trek, all little backsides under 2 feet off the ground and some adult knees were pretty dusty!
Daddy checking out some tracks in the mud, with Anna, Cathy and Gabe giving their considered opinions.
Here are those tracks, close up. We should have put someone's hand or foot next to them for size comparison, but they're approximately 3"-4" long. Looks like six toes, doesn't it? Weird.

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Burg Family Blog said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful family adventure! What a neat blog! I've really been enjoying it, makes the distance between us all seem much smaller.