Sunday, September 23, 2007

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~ Because I take my role of supportive wife seriously,*
~ Because I have to have at least a glint of interest in my eye when my wh answers the simple question, "Who's winning?" with a half hour's explanation of the whole season,
~ Because I have six sons, most of whom play the game or want to,**
~ Because one of my earliest cozy memories is of Dad's Dad, "Pappy," smoking Camel cigarettes, drinking Schlitz and listening to the Orioles on the radio while teasing us grandchildren,
~ Because, even though I'm a half-conscious, fairweather fan who really likes the sport because I like the way it sounds in the background, I cannot deny the history and poetry of the game,
~ Because there really is a good moral lesson for the children in a team that just doesn't give up...

I Just Gotta Love the Colorado Rockies!

Read about them here:

* This post is dedicated to my wh, a lifetime baseball player and fan. Hi, sweetie!
** Gabe (3) tells us now, much to his older brothers' pride and satisfaction, that he's going to go to college and play baseball.


Anonymous said...

Now yours is a nice blog! I shall have to add yours to my daily reading list.

davisfarmmom said...

How sweet of you to say! Thank-you so much! &:o) Like yours!

Theresa said...

That is so cool!!!