Monday, September 3, 2007


With the end of the summer season and the onset of fall, and perhaps because they are harvesting the corn behind our house, we've had an onslaught of insect visitors. Besides the ongoing battle with the monomorium minimum (little black ants) that want to share our house with us, we've had a larger than normal number of archeta domesticus (crickets) serenading us and creeping out from cracks and corners when we least expect them (Just ask my sister who had one join her on the couch recently! Eek!).

A tettigoniid scudderia found its way into my bedroom and woke me one night with its deepwoods chirruping call. Come to find out, it was perched just above my head on the top of my headboard! We put it in a jar and studied it for a few days. They are very interesting insects, and we all particularly like their nickname: katydid!

Inspired, I suppose, by all this recent bugginess, our oldest daughter created a new persona for her littlest sister: Insectigirl!

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