Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Terrorist

The Monster. The Little Stinker.

Some of the ways we lovingly refer to our almost-two-year old.
It's not that we don't treasure every square inch of him. But, I've said it before: It's a good thing he's so darn cute... Truly no opportunity for trouble escapes him. Notable among his favorite pastimes is the sport of playing in the toilet with the toilet brush.
So, just keep the bathroom doors shut, right?

Yeah, right.
Try reminding a three or four year old of this and have them remember it longer than the length of the sentence. I'm always hearing, "Oh, yeah, I forgot, Mommy!" while I'm fishing their little brother out of the toilet. But, then, besides the sibling forgetfulness problem, we have an antique doorknob in the master bedroom upstairs that doesn't latch, and a doorknob simply does not exist on the master bath door.

Needless to say, it is a high priority to keep William downstairs, where we at least have a chance of keeping him out of the toilet. Toward this end, we've tightened, and re-tightened the gate at the bottom of the stairs until it's "stripped."
And the little stinker has just found this out. All he has to do is pull and down it comes! As the pictures above document (unfortunately, not in proper sequence, doggonit).
Can you see how proud William was to show me what he could do?

It's either time to buy a new gate, replace the doorknobs (easier said than done on antique doors), or move. We're moving Thanksgiving week. I'm not sure if our nerves can stand waiting that long!

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Theresa said...

Hey, yep, the little stinker