Monday, September 17, 2007


I've been aware of the existence of blogs for about one month now. And all I have to say is "Holy Cow!" You can see how much I love the whole concept. I'd only been aware of them for two weeks before I had to have one of my own. I've always loved to write. It's in the family genes, I think, coming from the Irish side. But, the best thing about the discovery of this whole world has been finding out about all the incredible women out there who create the most amazing and beautiful blogs. I have learned so much in just a month and been so inspired!

To get a little extra oomph for homeschooling on a day when I'd rather read a book or hide in the closet, I just get up early and tune in to what's going on at Starry Sky Ranch or Real Learning or By Sun and Candlelight or any of a number of other excellent blogs. It's a cinch they'll help me remember how important my job is and how much fun we can have doing it.

If I need a creativity boost, there are a kazillion blogs to choose from, as well. I love the crafts and art at A Number of Things and Simple Sparrow and Junie-Moon, for instance. We've been inspired to plant a wee garden, make tiny toys for Christmas, and block print blackbirds around our kitchen when we move back into the farmhouse. Junie Moon's Autumn Bliss Week has contributed to our yearning for the leaves to finally change and has me itching to start work on our fall decorating.

For help in the kitchen (and I need all I can get!), I've found the Hillbilly Housewife and the St. Lawrence League. And if I just want to brighten my day with a good laugh, I go see what Simcha is up to at I Have to Sit Down.

What an amazing world it is that it's possible for us to connect in this amazing way! Here in the blogosphere I can find women who share my faith, women who face the same challenges and rewards of mothering large families, homeschooling moms, crafting moms, and wonder of wonders, kindred spirits who are a combination of all of them!

I think I'm just about to get listed in Catholic Mothers Online (see sidebar) and am honored to be in such fine company. I'm still just trying to work my way through to visit the whole list of blogs, and my favorites list is already down to the floor, so I have a dilemma...

How do I force myself away from the computer to make use of all this inspiration?? (Anyone else have this problem?)


Delena said...

Thanks for the link to the St. Lawrence League. We appreciate it!

Junie Moon said...

Welcome to the wonderful and inspiring world of blogs! I'm a new blogger, too. All the ideas out there can be overwhelming and you can find yourself spending more time reading about ideas and new projects but not enough time actually doing them. So, I allot myself a certain amount of time to read and then it's off to apply what I've learned. It's important to be directly involved with life and not get caught in just a watcher role. I'm sure you're already aware of this but just thought I'd mention it.

Thank you so much for visiting and mentioning my little blog. I truly do appreciate it.

davisfarmmom said...

Gosh, Junie, your blog is so polished, I thought you were an old hand! Love it! And thanks for the good advice; you're absolutely right!