Thursday, April 17, 2008

April Showers ~ Colorado-style

Better than no moisture at all, right?
It's really just one more chance for a cozy day of indoor games
with cocoa by the woodstove. We'll miss these days come July!

Music For The Day:

Though she is preparing for her final vows, and is probablynot on the computer these days, this French version of April Showers is dedicated to Sr. Alice Marie:

Some things we'll play:

Faeries being somewhat of a theme around here at the moment,we'll print out some of these:

Image hosted by
by zuzax10

We already know we love these:
St. Therese and Her Family

So the little boys don't feel left out:
Great fun! Check these out ~ Little Critter paper dolls!



Fun Learning:

I think it's time to resurrect the card game "98 " to sharpen up some addition skills around here.

And maybe a kid-easy game of Scrabble later when the tile terrorist (Yuyum) goes to bed.
Note to those who may not know: Scrabble is a whole different game when our hyper-competitive teenagers aren't around! And, since Daddy is out of town for the weekend and it's just me against the 5-9 crowd, I might actually have a chance (a chance, mind you!) to win.

See, I play for the beauty of the words, not with a mind toward sabotaging my neighbor... (Ahem! You people know who you are...)


Bia said...

I used to love playing with paper dolls when I was little, and very often would even draw my own clothes.

This brought back so many memories.

Lisa said...

We've had an interesting afternoon, Bia, doing some seamstressing on some of the paper doll dresses we decided weren't modest enough! Definitely some creative work here. You should see my five year old, who MUST have everything taped down. (She doesn't trust those darn flaps! And doesn't seem to care that it makes permanent outfits...)