Saturday, April 19, 2008


Playing on the computer,
or playing in the yard,

Taking it easy,
Or working hard,

Going on a
business trip,
Or out to hunt deer,

Heading to a ballgame,
Or watching it here...

Working on the carbuerator
or mowing the lawn,

Making space on the sofa,
Starting to yawn...

When you're talking tools and toys,
Too much is not enough;
Doesn't matter when or where,
A guy's just got to have his stuff!

Gabey heading off to a nap:

"Yeah, this is enough, Mommy. It ought to do me."


Bia said...

He's so cute! I wonder, though, what does he pack when you travel?!

Laura said...

This poem is adorable...the kid's pretty darn cute too!!!