Thursday, January 17, 2008

Quotes From Home


<-- Gabey (3) about William (2)-->
"Yuyum made a mess again! Him Fie-yud!"

Suppose this three year old hangs around with a few older kids? Grammar still a little shaky, but phraseology, inflection, and intent are definitely advanced... Regardless, though, look at Yuyum's sweet little angel face. How could you fire him?


SuzyQ said...

Heee hee!
This is my (just) 4 year old and her (nearly) 2 year old sister right down to the bottom lip and the "oh so innocent face" at the scene of the crime!
Absolutly priceless:0D

bellafamilia said...

My Dominic is cracking up at Gabey's disgust with your William Thomas! He's thinking that he's going to steal Gabe's line to use on our William Thomas: "Yuyum made a mess again. Him Fie-yud!"
We love it!
Stephanie & Dominic

Lisa said...

Suzy, isn't it so funny to see them interacting like that? Big boy (in our case) being so grown up and responsible and exasperated, little boy totally oblivious.

Stephanie and Dominic! &:o)) That is too funny!! -gg- It applies no matter what the age, huh? Hi to your Dominic and Will from my Dominic and Will! And hi to all of you from all of us!