Thursday, January 10, 2008

So, How Is It??

...that it snows every weekend we need to make a trip over the mountains, and is glorious every weekend we plan to stay home?

...that the children were throwing-up sick for practically the whole winter last year when my husband was 51/2 hours away most of the time, but this year, when I have help, everyone's well? (I am grateful that they're well, of course, though!)

...Now that we're selling a house, the inspector and the bank come up with thousands of dollars worth of exceptions (that we have to fix or compensate for), but a couple years ago, when we were buying the same house, before we made thousands of dollars worth of improvements, the inspector and the bank couldn't come up with a thing?

...that the fashionable shoes that felt so comfortable in the shoe store give me blisters, but the out-of-style shoes I picked up at a thrift store feel like clouds on my feet?
...that I can duplicate the ingredients of the salads I like to order in restaurants, but I can't make them taste anywhere near as good?

...that when we have the time, we don't have the money, and when we have the money we don't have the time for (you name it!)?

...that I can't think of a thing to tell my husband to pick up at the grocery store until right before he walks in the front door?

...the big boys can whine and complain that they never have enough clothes, but then they leave half of them here when they go back to school?

...those pencils and pens you always put on the desk or by the phone never do reappear? can think of a million things to blog about if you're in the car on the way somewhere, or just drifting off to sleep, or in the middle of changing a poopy diaper, but when you sit down to write, you draw a blank?


Marie said...

LOL Lisa I hate it when you go into the kitchen and forget instantly what you went there for. So you stand and scratch your head before returning to the sitting room. You sit and make yourself nice and comfy and YES! You finally remembered what it was!!??!!

Then there's the time I put the phone in the Freezer. We searched the house for HOURS..Till finally it was bed time. As I was just about to fall asleep, I shot up out of bed and remembered..its in the blinking freezer!!!! LOL!Hahahhaha!!!

As for the SNOW PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send me some...Yesterday it was near 120 degrees waaaaa:(( lol.

In fun


julie said...


I just came across your blog and really enjoyed my visit. I love your fun loving spirit. This list was great.

I will definitely be back,

Bia said...

How is it that when I fix something for dinner that I've fixed many, many times, the boys all of a sudden decide they don't like it anymore? (this is a pet peeve of mine!)

I totally agree with you on the blogging ideas. I finally decided to put a notebook and pencil by my bed so I can jot down any idea that may hit me during the night. Of course, I write them down in complete darkness so sometimes I can't read my own writing the next morning! Sigh.

Have a great day, and God bless!

SuzyQ said...

"those pencils and pens you always put on the desk or by the phone never do reappear?"
This happens to you too!
There must be a blackhole where things like pens, pencils, matching socks, hair clips and hair bands end up.
I never find these things:0)

Marie said...

Very good questions Lisa.

As for me I usually have two or three blogs in my head at a time, always spinning around in amniotic fluid, and I can't help but wonder why I can't just work on one at a time. Maybe if I could do that they'd be truly epic.

Lisa said...

Marie ~ I am so understanding the wandering around trying to figure out what you're wandering around for thing! LOL!! It's downright embarassing! I have to ask the children,and they just roll their eyes... SOOO funny putting the phone in the freezer! That is hysterical!! It's amazing that you remembered like that, though! Too funny! I'd so gladly send you some snow if I could, Marie!! OK< I'm mental imaging some of this cold and sending it with my guardian angel over to you... Do you feel a cool breeze??

Lisa said...

Julie ~ Hi! I'm so glad you visited! I popped over to "your house," and thought the same about your blog. So much happiness and energy! I love it!

Bia~ Yeah!! I know!! I hate that! We go through that same thing with fruits and vegetables. One week, nobody can get enough of carrots or apples, or bananas, so I stock up on them. And of course they all go to waste. Nobody wants them anymore. Agh! I need to keep a pad and pen in my pocket and on my bedside table, too. I think it's because I'm getting old...

Like you, Marie, I'll have ideas a-swimmin and a-swimmin. But, they'll just disappear. Poof. I'm getting old. Or, like one of my girls once said, "You have too much stuff in your head, Mommy. Some of it just falls out."

Suzy ~ I'm working on that black hole theory... I clipped out a funny Far Side cartoon and taped it up in my laundry room that showed the "Island of Lost Socks"... Is there an island of lost pens; are there little "Borrowers" that take off with things? Hmmmm... It couldn't be any of these many small people running around here, or my own forgetful self losing things? Nah.

Kimberly at Echowood said...

Hello, Lisa! I stopped in because I saw that you had visited and commented on my blog recently. Thank you for that!

This list is so funny and so true! I can totally relate. Especially, lately, to the part about drawing a blank when it's time to update the blog.

I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog in the days to come. I love that you have "Kissing the Face of God" in your side bar---that is my favorite favorite favorite image of Jesus with the Blessed Mother. So beautiful. A few years ago, I bought two boxes of Christmas cards with that on the front, but I'm rather stingy about sending them out, so I only let go of a few each year....

Anyway. You are an incredible writer! See you around; God bless!

Marie said...

LOL Lisa;)
When it gets THAT hot I always pray to our good Lord...'Lord if it doesnt get any cooler by tomorrow(hear this I said TOMORROW) I will SING to you NON-STOP-Remember Lord I said NON STOP!

The cool change came the very next day which proves one thing...God is not only Good, He is WISE LOL!Hhahhahaahhaa!!!

Your daffy friend,

Marie lol