Tuesday, January 8, 2008


We have a brand new obsession at our house.
Yesterday afternoon we went for a visit to the animal shelter. We are sort of casually looking for another dog, but didn't expect to necessarily find a dog on this"field trip" so much as to just enjoy looking at all the animals. It's a great day out in the winter, serving as a sort of free indoor zoo.
Little did we expect to come home with this little guy.

Meet Frodo.

We've raised many large animals here on the farm, from beef cows to dairy goats and pigs. We've had dogs and cats, chickens and rabbits, but we've never had an animal this tiny ~ well, at least not one that was captive and considered a pet.

It's been our family custom when a new animal comes into our lives to name it after one of the saints whose feast falls either on the day we get it, or the date of its birth. It's a wonderful opportunity to get to know the lives of new saints, and honor them in well, maybe a little bit of a peculiar way. It's also a good way to remember the dates we've gotten various animals. There are always a lot of saints on each day to choose from, and it's great fun to pull out the book to pick a name.

Needless to say, the children were delighted to find out that one of the feastdays yesterday was that of St. Frodobert! Thus "Frodo!"
So his patron saint is:
This St. Frodo.......bert.

He was a Benedictine abbot, trained by St. Waldebert, who founded MoutierlaCelle Abbey near Troyes, France. His heavenly birthday was January 8, 678.
Not actually
THIS "St." Frodo
Though one of our favorite heros in all literature, we can admire him, but not canonize him.
We are pleased, however, that our little mouse's name has a double meaning for us!
We want to build a little hobbit hole for him to hide inside. And maybe hang a golden ring inside there, and put a backdrop picture of the Shire behind the glass in his tank. For under $25 altogether, including a thrift store tank, food and miscellaneous, I think we'll get a lot of mileage off this little pet.

(H/T Is Anybody There? , who got it from Coo-ees from the Cloister, for the cool pic of haoloed Frodo!)


Sarah said...

Crackin' me UP!

It doesn't surprise me that there's a St. Frodo(bert)...Tolkien probably didn't do much by accident (and there are likely whole sites devoted to digging it out...)

Can't wait for MY little ones to be old enough to force ME to learn this stuff the fun way. :)

Soutenus said...

He is a cutie! We learned the hard way with a cute little critter -- don't let them spend anytime in drafts. Make sure he can burrow into a safe, warm place in his habitat container.

I had NO idea about St. Frodobert. Very cool. We are toying with the idea of a school made ALPHABET book of Saints. Kids would probably love to do research on St. Frodo(bert)!

Marie said...

What a cutie!

Bia said...

Dear Frodo,
You are very lucky to have been adopted into such a nice and loving family. I know you will be very happy. God bless.

SuzyQ said...

I know I will always end up with a smile after visiting your blog Lisa:D
This is too funny!
And I never knew there was a St. Frodo!
Altogether a funny and eduacational post lol!
Blessings to you and yours

Lisa said...

Sarah ~ It IS fun to find these things out! Makes the learning so much more memorable when you delve into things in an unusual way or for an unusual reason!

Peggy ~ We had worried about that with little Frodo, as we do have a very drafty house. We gave him a bunch of newspaper to shred for his little house, though, and cover his tank at night with a towel. so far he seems to be doing OK. Boy, are mice stinky, though, for being so small! Gonna be changing his litter often! Isn't it cool that Frodo has a namesaint? Who'd have guessed?

Bia ~ Frodo says to tell you that these people here are pretty nice, but very noisy. &:o) Thanks for your sweet words!

Suzy, Marie ~ Thank-you so much!