Thursday, January 17, 2008

Go Figure!

Must be the bazillions of reruns of I Love Lucy I've watched over the years! My favorite episodes are the one where Lucy and Ethel get jobs in a chocolate factory and, of course, Vitameatavegimin. How 'bout you?

H/T Raulito (aka: Commander Adam) over at the Disciple of the Dumb Ox.

What classic sitcom character are you?


Esther said...

Oh, now we're talking. I love this show! My favorite is the one where she wants Ricky to get more publicity so she pretends to be the Maharincess of Franistan. Hilarious!

Soutenus said...

I love the one where Bob Hope plays the part of Ricky and Ricky hams it up pretending to be Fred!
Oh! AND, I love the one where the two couples go to Paris and the girls ooohh and aaahh over the fashions. Ricky and Fred have quite strange looking outfits made out of potatoe sacks to trick the wives!

I took the test and I am LUCY, too!

Laura said...

I like the maid episode, the episode when she and Ethel dress like martians, and the one where she pretends to be Harpo Marx.
(Theres also one where they have to eat nasty cheese sandwiches in an old diner; no one seems to remember this one but me.)

Ellen said...

How about the one where Ricky is trying to learn the pronunciation of -ough. Cough, through, though, bough.Of course the kids love the chocolate factory, and then there's the grape stomping in Italy. But the Harpo Marx skit is definitely a classic.

Lisa said...

I've gotta tell you, every time another episode was mentioned here, I thought, "Oh, yeah! I love that one!" I don't think there's one I don't like. Though, I think they got a little tired when they moved out to the country (except for maybe the chick episode, or the egg episode...).