Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tomorrow's Feast Day

St. John Bosco

We are huge fans of this saint! Having started out with four boys, we learned early to rely on his heavenly assistance, and base our homeschooling and much of our parenting philosphy on his methods. Parents might be interested in this letter from St. John Bosco regarding the teaching of children. This great priest knew how to deal with children, but especially boys, let me tell you! We have had great success using him as a role model.

Since tomorrow is his feastday, we've been reading aloud this version of the story of Don Bosco this week. The children especially love the ghost story with the Catholic explanation and love the stories of Grigio, his dog, which I mentioned in my first post today.

Also, since my husband and I won't be here tomorrow (We're going to the Western Slope yet another time to finally close on our house over there, please God!), we're leaving the children with simple, fun assignments for the day. They have to do one math assignment, finish reading the story of St. John with their grandmother, and learn some of the magic tricks and card tricks that I printed out for them. They have to present us with a magic show when we get back. In honor of Don Bosco, of course.

UPDATE: So bummed, but trying to accept it as God's will... Found out just now that our closing was postponed, hopefully not canceled. =sigh= What's with these banks, waiting until the day before a closing to take a good look at the paperwork? They won't even tell us what the problem is, only that it doesn't have anything to do with us. Like, IT DOESN'T?!


Marie said...

He sounds really interesting, especially since he looks so much more modern than how I normally think of saints. He also has a very kind expression.

Dad 2 eight said...

Since you were a recipient of one of Laura Fetter's awards, I am happy to bookmark your blogspot. Don Bosco had many prophetic visions and perhaps we are now living in the time of fulfillment. I look forward to further visits.


Danette said...

Awesome post! I hope everything goes well with your house. I'll send some prayers your way. Also, I awarded you with an E award!!! :)
p.s. I love the pictures!!!

patjrsmom said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for visiting my blog today! I hope and pray everything goes well with your house.

God Bless,

Bia said...

i am so sorry the closing was postponed. when we sold our old house and bought this one, my husband actually called the lawyer, the bank, and the realtor to remind them what to do. (This was after our closing had been postponed twice.)

It is frustrating, but look at the bright you get to stay home with the children to celebrate St. John Bosco with them!

SuzyQ said...

I hope and pray everything works out with your house Lisa.
Thanks for sharing these greatlinks too. I didn't know much about Saint John Bosco!
God Bless

Lisa said...

Marie ~ I think it's easy to think saints are all medieval and stuffy or a slight bit "kooky" &:o) But, boy,the more you find out about them, the more you see they truly run the gamut in personality, halos AND warts. (They'd be the first ones to tell you all about the warts, too!) St. John Bosco is so very human and reachable, though, I agree. We just love him!

Gordon ~ It's so nice to meet you and Welcome!! Don Bosco's dreams are an incredible study. Some very scary! But, he always kept his sense of peace and fun, even knowing all the things he did prophetically! He's so much to be admired in so many ways!

Danette ~ Thank-you for the well-wishes on the house selling front! We feel like we're being pulled through a wringer! But, God willing, it'll all turn out right. (Well, it'll turn out like He wants, regardless, and that is always right, huh?) Thank you so much for the prayers!! And for the E award! You're so sweet!

Jane ~ Thank-you, so much! I'm so glad you stopped by! Loved visiting over at your place!

Bia ~ You're absolutely right about that *bright side*... We've had a very good time today learning card tricks and "magic" together. We also finished our biography and watched our Don Bosco movie. It was a much better day spent, I think. And obviously how God intended! &:o)

Suzy ~ Thank-you! It's all bound to work out. You've heard that saying: It'll be alright in the end; if it's not alright, it's not the end? We just assume it's not the end yet! &:o) I'm glad you enjoyed the links! To use a phrase of my teenagers' ~ Don Bosco Rocks!