Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Grigio and a Friend Maybe?

We've been looking for a big dog. We have a little foofoo dog, Miss Brigid of Kildare (A bichon... and her nameday is Friday!). But now that we're back on the farm, and getting ready to get geared back up with chickens and what-all (I don't know yet all what), we need a guardian, protector, coyote chaser again.

Our much-beloved yellow lab, Anthony (so named because his birthday was June 13th), passed away a few months before we left the farm. Anthony was the world's best dog. Bar none. He LOVED to chase tennis balls; he was the tennis ball retrieving champion of the world. Whenever we left to go anywhere, we'd find him waiting for us at the top of the driveway, where he'd meet the car and walk us up to the house. Wherever the Littles were playing, he was there. The garden never saw a rabbit when Anthony was on patrol. We never lost a chicken. He wore a little path all around the property where he'd walk his patrol several times a day. All the animals loved him, including the cats. We loved him. But it was his time to go.

And, now we think we've found his successor. Maybe two of them.

These pups are only two weeks old now. They're half Black Lab, half Great Pyrenees.

Gonna be Big Dogs.

We have our eye on that little golden male at the top there.

And this little girl is already ours, seeing as she's already pooped on me. (Only a mother can understand that kind of bonding, I expect...)

We can't take them home until the end of February, but we've put a deposit on one and have made a proposal to take another one, especially if the owner has trouble selling the rest of the litter of nine. I'm thinking a boy and a girl would be good. We've already decided that one of them has to be named Grigio, in honor of St. John Bosco's guardian angel dog, since tomorrow is Don Bosco's feast day. But the other one, we can't decide what to name!

There are no Italian girl's saint names to go with Grigio between the birthdate and this week... We couldn't even find one around the date we'll be picking them up. We're thinking about "Sally" in honor of the Salesians, especially since we met the pups yesterday on the feast of St. Francis deSales. But that's not Italian and I'm having trouble imagining myself calling, "Sally! Grigio! Grigio! Sally!" Doesn't sound right, does it? Then we were thinking maybe "Bella," a wonderful Italian adjective my friend Bia uses...

We're open to suggestions... Any ideas?


Kaila said...

I'm sorry to hear about your lab, Anthony. Our family has two labs and they are the best dogs for our family. I like how you name all your animals after saints. Those puppies are really cute! As for names, I like Bella for the girl. The only name I could think of that starts with a 'g' is Gianna.

Laura said...

I left a little something for YOU on my blog....please have a look-see.

Maria said...

Sorry, no suggestions here, but BOY are they cute!

Matilda said...

Here are some suggestions:

St. John Bosco's real name was Giovanni... how about Giovanna? Or just Gia?

The first Salesian sister was St. Maria Mazzarello. Lots to choose from there... Maria, Mazza, Mazzi, Zarello, Zarella

Don Bosco's second in command was Bl. Michael Rua to whom he promised "halves in everything". Michaela or Micky, Micha or Misha.

OK, is it obvious that we LOVE St. John Bosco? He is my oldest son's name saint, my oldest daughter was born on the feast of Our Lady Help of Christians and my youngest son was named for a special Salesian friend of my grandparents.

The puppies are very cute and lucky to be wanted by such a great family!

Matilda said...

Two more... his mother was called "Mama Margaret" so you have a ton of variations of Margaret to choose from or even just "Mama" would be cute.

Since the Salesians are named for St. Francis de Sales, what about Francie or Francesca?

Bia said...

Oh, Bella would be just...Bella!

Now, you know you're going to have me pondering this all day; in fact, I'm going to call my Mom and see if she has any suggestions.

I also was thinking of Francesca...

Bella and Grigio
Grigio and Francesca

I'll be back later...

Lisa said...

Oh, wow, these are all great, everyone! Keep 'em coming! &:o)) We've got time to let 'em roll around in our minds a bit!

Matilda ~ Came back after finishing a post on St. John to see your family loves Don Bosco like we do! Isn't he great? Love all the suggestions! All of the possiblilities are being tried out here by everyone! Thanks!!

Laura ~ Thank-you!!! &:o) You so deserved it yourself!

Matilda said...

I know I gave you a lot of suggestions, but my favorite would be Giovanna or Gia simply because you call them Gia and Gio!

Anonymous said...

They are so incredibly cute!! I love big cuddly dogs.

I don't have any name suggestions but I like what matilda recommended.

Bia said...

okay...i told you i'd be back.

"Grigio" in Italian also means grey (as in the color), so you could name the other puppy "Chiara" (pronounced Key-ah-ra) which means clear, or light in color. Incidentally, "Chiara" means "Claire".

Grigio e Chiara

In any case, whatever names you choose those puppies are just plain lucky to be welcomed into such a loving family!