Friday, January 18, 2008

It's Snowing Again

Like, what's new? It's January, it's Colorado, and it IS the weekend. Why does it always snow on the weekend? Especially on the weekends that we are traveling over the mountains?

Ah, well. God knows all things. He knows we have to make this trip (Gotta finish up some details on our old house before its sale the end of this month), so I know Our Heavenly Father will be looking out for us.

Most likely the biggest real danger on the road will be my losing my temper at the stu... I mean the careless big rig drivers and the idio... I mean inconsiderate young men in their four-wheel-drive vehicles who fly by on the icy roads, spraying slush back on the windshields of those of us who are trying to drive prudently... (See? I'm already getting ticked...)

Please pray for me to keep my temper and bite my tongue?


Maria said...

I guess the snow will be hitting us next. Safe traveling!

Marie said...

We have a salute for those stu..I mean idi...shouldnt have a license nice people LOL!

In fun,

Marie:) I hope you dont mind if I add you to our Big is beautiful blog? Thanking you in advance. PS: I dont drive, trust me the world is a safer place BECAUSE I am not in the driving seat lol.

GrandmaK said...

I think while I was flying through Denver last weekend I must have experienced "The Great Passover". Yes, I am truly grateful. Have a great weekend!!! Cathy

Marie said...

When I lived in Florida I couldn't help but notice that every single hurricane and tropical storm hit on a weekend. The grocery stores and gas stations got wiped out and everyone had to board up their houses and pray, but no one ever missed a day of work.

Goodwyf Allie said...

Having just moved from Maine to Portland OR I am totally LOVING the lack of driving in snow! I hate the white-out-windshield too! Pray for all those guys passing you--they need it!

Bia said...

I was in Atlanta this weekend, and the city was PARALYZED with two inches of snow! Two hundred flights were actually cancelled! I don't know what we'd do if we got anywhere near the amount of snow you guys get. God bless and safe driving!