Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Nativity Scene at Our House, 2011

Built on the little yellow work table by the wood stove,
under one of the big north-facing windows, and comprised of:

* Eight Total Trees (decorated with ornaments and beads Christmas Eve)
* Two handmade bridges
* One beaten up, wooden "box" stable made by an old, old utility drawer
* One set of steps down to the west-side lower level, made by Jon a few years ago
* One set of steps down to the east-side lower level, made by Paul last week
* One pond, winding around the east side of the stable to
* One beaver dam
* Three rats
* Three raccoons
* Two beavers
* One hedgehog
*Two frogs
* One weasel
* One turkey
* Three "greater owls"
* Five or six "lesser owls"
* One squirrel
* One skunk
* Four turtles
* One bead spider in one wire spider web
* One hiding mouse
* Seven sheep
* Two sheep dogs
* Two shepherds
* One dear St. Joseph
* One beloved Blessed Mother
* One Divine Infant Saviour

(* Oh, and one cup of coffee for St. Joseph on Christmas morning.)


GrandmaK said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!! Happy New Year!!! Cathy

Bia said...

you have the BEST nativity!

Anne said...

Now how in the world do you store that away each year?