Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ordinary acts today:  Moving the kitchen, laundry room and the rest of the barn over to the new place; figuring out how to make a walk-in closet out of the tiny room near the girls' room that has plaster walls that we can't nail into; remembering to eat and feed the children.

Well, maybe not so ordinary -- but all in a day, anyway.

Exactly a week before we have to be all moved over and have the old house cleaned up and ready to go for the new tenants.  Kevvy comes Friday to help with the big stuff, but 'til then, it's me, Dan, and the girls -- with the little boys running around our feet...  But, no worries!

(Sure, we can!)


Anne said...

We had the same problem with putting a closet into a room with plaster walls. We used elfa cannabalized from another house and liquid nails. That plus a mortar bit, some prayers, and grunt force did the job.

Therese said...

I think the kitchen would have the most to move out of any rooms. Good that you have that done.