Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Update

Old house.  Not ours.
As I mentioned, we painted the girls' room Wednesday.  It looks nice; they love it.  And the little boys' room, we painted blue yesterday -- a shade darker blue than the girls'.  In the southeast corner of the upper floor, the little guys' room has the most "challenged" walls of the old house we're moving into.  (Did I mention it's 109 years old?)  this little room tucked under the eves looks like it was painted in the thirties maybe, and is used to be that unidentifiable shade of beigy-peachy-grey you see sometimes in old houses.  Bleh.  (What were they thinking??)  And this dull color coats particularly old, cracking, falling down plaster.  Double bleh. 

 But now, all the cracks and blemishes in that room are masked by a lovely shade of sky blue.  The trim will be a darker blue by tomorrow afternoon -- and one particularly bad wall will be completely covered in National Geographic maps of the world.  I'm hunting around the internet now looking to add to a little globe collection  to further the world travel theme.  And my satisfaction will be complete if I can find some nice, lined, map-themed curtains for the big picture window. 

Add a dark blue bunkbed, a half dozen or so small bins of toys in a bookcase, two toy pirate ships (complete with pirates and cannons) and one big Noah's ark set (complete with Noah and animals)  -- and, of course, two little boys -- and voila!  presto!  Home.

Safe Haven, by Vladimir Kush
If super-artist, Jon, were home, I'd have him paint this on the ceiling....
* Pictures coming when we're all done.

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