Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just One of a Thousand Decisions Today...

Busy day ahead.  Dressed in work clothes, but have to be decent enough to drop the little girls off at art class later and do some grocery shopping while I wait for class to be over.  Blue jeans and clogs day, definitely.  But, look; check it out:

 I found this old shirt when I was going through bins the other day.  I'd almost forgotten about it.  But isn't it cute?  Nice shades of brown, cute little Disney characters.  There's a Mickey Mouse near the front hem and Pluto peeking out of the pocket....  Looking right. at. my Miraculous Medal.

Ha!  How funny!  But... Um, then again....  Hmmm.  Sure makes me smile, the serendipity of it and all.  But, gosh,  is it disrespectful or not properly honoring the Mother of God?  Does Pluto look happy to see the Blessed Mother?  Or does he look manic?  Or does he look more like he wants to jump out and bite off that button over there?  Of all the silly things.... Should I wear my medal showing or tuck it in today?

What do you think?

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Tucked it in -- but it ended up finding its way out all day, anyway. I'm thinking the Blessed Mother didn't mind.