Thursday, January 5, 2012

Theophany:Three Kings' Day: Epiphany


Wise Men?



Like us.

Many Happy Returns and Blessings of the Day to Everyone!

*Just an aside:  I wanted very much to write out a listing of traditions and history of this day, but find myself handicapped on Blogger these days. I changed over to the new Blogger format the other day and wish I hadn't, because now I can't link anything, can't right click to copy/paste, can't save pictures on my images window, can't pretty much do diddly-squat -- and Blogger won't let me have the old format back. And, on top of all that, my photo shop program seems to have vanished off my computer and I'm going to have to buy a new one.  Grrrr....   Anyway.  I'm certainly not the only one lovin' up on this feast day.  Zip around the Catholic blogger world for lots of good stuff!  Or you can search "Epiphany" or "The Three Kings" on this blog search engine for my old posts, if you'd like.  :0)

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