Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Again Already?

Outside my window:  It's cloudy, chilly, and kinda bleh.  There's just enough snow left on the ground to be messy looking, but that's ok, because my driveway is finally melted off and dry.  Which is a fair trade-off.

What else is outside my window:  Preparatory to our iminent move, Dan has been driving  back-n-forth, back-n- forth  past the front window with the big truck, pulling a little flatbed trailer, loaded with ever-changing crews of youngins and paraphernalia.  Round and round the driveway he goes, unloading all the storage bins from the barn into the house -- about ten at a time, for me to go through.  Then he loads the approved and labeled bins back onto the truck and trailer and they take it over to the new house to unload into organized paradise.  (I hope.)

What I'm doing:  I am the Queen Arbiter of Fate for all the old saved shoes, clothes, school books, notebooks, reading books, Catholic doctrine books, toy soldiers, saved baseballs with dates and deeds, holiday decorations, craft supplies, and lots of other miscellaneous flotsam and jetsam that defies categorizing...

What I'm thinking:  As much as I'd like to say, "Man, do we have too much junk, or what?!"  I can't help pouring over some of these bins.  Like, I just came across one that's probably been hiding in the deeper caverns of the bin mountain for a while.  In it was a slop- packed collection of the big boys' junk -- things that belonged to them when they were little boys: toy soldiers, special baseballs, about a million Lord of the Rings trading cards, a shirt that used to be Kevin's favorite, Paul's woodworking kit, a green tassel that the boys used to call "Crazy Woman....  Sigh....  I love my big boys, but I miss them as little boys, too.

What else I'm thinking: I can't bear to get rid of most of this junk.  Too many memories come with most of it.  I'm never going to get done with this.

A picture thought and a poem to go with it:


John Moorehouse said...

Dear Lisa, My name is John Moorehouse and I publish a magazine called Catholic Men's Quarterly and distribute a line of great wholesome reading material for kids called Classics Illustrated. My little ones loves them and I'm sure yours will too. I am writing to invite you to check out our site as we are doing a promotion for Catholic moms through Valentine's Day. Actually moms shopping for other people which is a lot ofwhat moms do. Also, I am a Patriots fan which I hope won't prejudice you against me. Go Pats! Best regards and God bless you and your family. John Moorehouse

AnchorMama said...

They named a green tassel? There has GOT to be a story behind that.

Lisa said...

Mr. Moorehouse. Patriots fan or not, it's good to meet you! I'll definitely be checking out your site. Thanks for stopping by!

AnchorMama ~ Haha! Yeah, well, a story, but not a big one. When we moved into an old, falling down victorian house when the boys were wee bairns, one of the many antiquated things the former owner (our beloved Mrs. Fitzgerald) left to us were some ancient drapes, with green tie-backs. On the ends of the tie-backs were gi-normous tassles. The little guys made a face on one of these tassels, with the stringy end for hair -- and named her "Crazy Woman." She was the "bad guy" of much of their play for a long time. Silly -- but an enduring memory. Anytime any of us sees a tassle -- especially a green one == we have to make reference... Finding an original, though... Well, that was a big flight back down memory lane!

AnchorMama said...

Aww... I love the tassle story! I know the very type you are talking about. Little boys have fantastic imaginations!