Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Things To Do Over Christmas Vacation

Play with Gavin
Play Football in the Snow

Gabey (Caught that one!)

Attend the school Christmas Play:
A Christmas Carol
(December 22nd
Theresa was an awesome Marley!

But I'm not sure she's gotten quite all the white out of her hair yet...
William front row, left; Gabey right next to him there -- in the boys' side of the Christmas chorus

William as Tiny Tim and Anna as Martha Cratchit, hugging her "Dad" Bob Cratchit

Cathy and Shell think the play is definitely high art.
Play Some More "Snow Ball" 
Goof Around
Play With Gavin
Goof Around
Play Poker/Pinochle/Board Games
Goof Around

Play With Gavin
Continue Nerf Wars
Goof Around
Challenge William on the Wii/Playstation

(William's so good at the Wii, that Paul made him play with a handicap.  Here he's having to play with one eye closed.  I think he still beat his big brother.)
Play With Gavin
More Poker, etc.
Challenge William, Upside-down
(I'm not sure who won this one...)
More Goofing Around
More Poker
Michelle's face
More Lovin' Up on Gavin


Bia said...

so ... did you guys goof around? did any of you play with gavin? just thought i'd ask ... ;)))

LOVE tiny tim, btw!

GrandmaK said...

I really, really love this post! Felt like I was there!!! Wishing you continued blessing of Christmas!!!! Cahy

OH!! Gavin is soooo cute!!! Don't ya love bein' a grandma!?!