Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Tree

This Year's Theme: A Family Tree

The Two Big Gifts:

This Victorian dollhouse (which Mommy has to brag she got for 1/4 retail ;)

And a Noah's Ark set for the little boys (which Mommy got for a song, new in the box at a thrift store! ;)

And everyone else should go home happy, too.  But, being a Minnie Pearl at heart, I had to share the big bang for the little buck on these particular gifts, especially because they're heirloom toys and the Littles are thrilled with them.  St. Anthony was super helper this year!  I thank him for the great finds!  Now the hunt begins for next year...


AnchorMama said...

Merry Christmas, Lisa! Aren't you glad we get to celebrate Christmas more than one day? I love, love, love the family tree idea! Beautiful. All the pictures of your joy-filled family warmed my heart to the core.

By the way, St. Anthony helped me, too! My special thrift shop find was an enormous dollhouse full of furniture. My littlest daughter simply could not believe her eyes! I was delighted.

God bless!

auntie said...

St. Anthony must have been working overtime. My big find was a flagpole and flag for the front yard (the family gift)free from a family that was moving) still in the box! and a lovely vintage wooden sewing box with accessories in mint condition for 1/2 price for my daughter-in-law.
The search is on for MK's birthday and next year.

Bia said...

What a beautiful tree!!! Do you always put photos in it? Really, I just may have to borrow this idea...

and I want a Victorian dollhouse, too!

mail4rosey said...

Love this!
Happy holidays.