Friday, December 5, 2008

St. Nicholas

The Myth

The Man

The Booty...

St. Nicholas of Myra,

Pray for us!


Laura said...

That is an awesome picture.
Such cute little slippers.
My mom used to have to dig under the couch for shoes. Any shoes she could find.
(In that first picture of St Nick, doesn't it look like he has tube socks on?)

Anonymous said...

Oh this is very nice! DO you celebrate St Nic every year?
I found your blog through Laura (catholic teacher musing)

Lisa said...

LOL! Actually, Laura, they're the kids' winter boots, which happened, for once, to be fairly neatly kicked off by the shoe rack. Made my life easier than usual! (And, yeah, we actually thought that pic of St. Nick was pretty funny ~ with the tube socks and all... &:o)

TL ~ Hi! Yeah, we do St. Nick most every year. We've had a couple when it snuck up on me and I missed out just because I thought it'd be disrespectful to the holiday to put a bag of honey nut Cheerios and used pencils in their shoes (or what ever else I had on hand...) But the usual custom is for them to get a couple new pencils/pens, a candy cane, and a small toy (or hair thingy for the girls). And if I've really been on the ball, I'll have some St. Nicholas holy cards to leave, too. (Wasn't that on top of it this year, though!)

Laura said...

They ARE boots.
I did not look closely enough.
(Cute boots)

Ginny said...


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