Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Making our way...

...back home across Nebraska today. Surprise! Our fifteen year old son, Dominic, was taken to the emergency room at an Omaha hospital Tuesday night. He seems to be OK now, but he was in poor shape Tuesday, suffering from what we think was a severe strain of the flu. (Boy, is that a hard thing to go through, being the Mom and being too far to stretch my arm all the way to Omaha to feel his forehead, look at his eyes, force him to drink water, etc...)

Anyway, all is well. We're taking him home now where we can let him relax and recover, within arm's reach, and where we can tease him, fatten him up, and drive him crazy in the familiar comfort of his own home. It'll be good for him and me, both

So, here I am, sitting in the front seat of the minivan, traveling across the broad tans and browns of Nebraska. The sky makes up about 85% of the landscape, which is a good thing, really, because the clouds are far more interesting than the landscape right now. One or two interesting things: We've been counting the pickup trucks parked along the edges of the fields where the hunters have left them. Lots of hunting going on here in Nebraska. We just saw a truck parked on the edge of a meadow, no hunter in sight. In the grass about two hundred feet away from the truck ~ a herd of about eight deer. (snicker, snicker) A while back we passed a little ice-ringed lake along the side of the highway completely filled with geese. (Brrrrr!) We thought they would have all been sunning themselves on Mexican waterways by now. What's with that?

So, anyway... I've got Dan's laptop propped on my knees and the keys are spaced differently than our desktop computer. It's driving me crazy. Watchk~ I'll write a afew lines without editint all my misgtakes from thej weird spacding. (Weird to me, anyuway)... &:o) I keep hitting something, too, which makes the cursor go flying to some other place on the screen, and every time we cross into another Sprint connection zone, I lose my signal and have to reboot the computer. Annoying. And, another thing: it's good that I don't have inner ear problems, or this exercise of typing in a moving car would probably have me nauseous by now. As it is, I've had to learn to get typing-finger sea-legs, swaying with the movement of the car to keep my fingers on the keyboard...See the lengths I'll go to in order to blog?

One of the main reasons I wanted to get on today, though, is to apologize for leaving out some ingredients on the Starlight Cookies. That was a big "Woops!" I had typed out the whole thing the other day and posted it ahead to print Wednesday morning. Then, when we flew out of the house to head for Omaha for Dominic, I had had just a few minutes to post my link to Works for Me Wednesday, and didn't even think of editing it. I ran out of time, anyway.

Anyway, I don't have the recipe with me. I could guess at the ingredients amounts, but, um, I don't think you want me to do that, do you? &:o) I'll try to get on when we get home and post them, though. Sorry about that, folks!

** Just got home ~ and only now posted this as the laptop died about one second before I went to hit the "publish" button. Figured I'd post it anyway. I'll update and add that recipe as soon as I get a chance. &:o)


Jenny said...

So sorry to hear about your son. I'm sure he is glad to be home with mom right now. I pray all is well for Christmas, or should I say "all are well".

His Servant: Ann Kraeger said...

Dominic is in our prayers. As is the mom.

SuzyQ said...

Oh poor Dominic! And poor you! There has been some horrible viruses going around this Winter.
Hope Dominic makes a quick recovery :0)
Prayers for you all ~
God Bless ~

Laura said...

I am amazed that you can type while you drive...KIDDING.
The flu is going around our school.
Stay healthy Davis family!!!

Bia said...

Poor Dominic. Now that he's home he'll be given so much TLC that he'll recover too quickly...then he'll miss all the THEN he might prolong feeling bad for a few more days.

That's what I would do anyway!

Memarie Lane said...

Poor little guy! I've never been through Nebraska, but have been through Arizona several times and it's hard to imagine anything more boring than that. But I suppose it might be fascinating to someone who's never been to a desert.