Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Could you hear it at your house?

That sound was our computer crashing Christmas Eve.

I have some use of my husband's laptop, but it's painfully slow and difficult to type on... and I have no way of downloading pictures from it. Alas... That's most of the fun of this time of year...

Ah, well. Worse things could happen.

Heaven knows I have plenty to keep me busy here this week. Still, I'm hoping to be back soon, typing from my regular,comfy spot on my trusty old computer! (From which I dearly hope everything has not been erased...)

Wishing all my dear friends and stoppers-by a very happy and blessed Christmas! I hope everyone is having too much fun to spend much time on the computer! &:o)


Soutenus said...

Oh dear!! I hope it is up and running soon. In the meantime enjoy this time with your family and save the pictures so you can post them down the line! I sure hope you tape some more singing by those boys of yours!

God bless!

Anne P said...

Lisa, Merry Christmas to your family! I woke up early to make hot cocoa for the kids...and check emails..They should be up shortly, and the chaos will begin. Have a very Merry Christmas!