Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm so honored that Ginny and Marie over at one of my favorite blogs, View From the Pews, saw fit to award AWTY this honor! I'd like to pass it on along to some wonderful bloggers, rich in the true spirit of Christ's birth during this blessed season!
First of all, right back to Ginny and Marie!
Stephanie at La Vita e'Bella
Terrie at Mama-of-Many

I know many of these excellent, faith-filled bloggers may already have received this award, but, it just goes to show how wonderful they are that they are nominated many times! I love these ladies! Every one of these blogs is filled with the true spirits of Faith and Hope and Charity of Our Lord's Nativity and inspire these virtues in all their visitors.


Bia said...

You know what I'm doing right at this very minute? Printing out the recipe for the Christmas Eve cookies. You know what my boys are doing this weekend? Writing their "I am" poems that we got from you. And you know what? You always inspire us with faith, creativity, and fun.

Grazie for the award...

Lisa said...

Oh, goodness, Bia. I'm blushing. But, thank-you! You so deserve this award! You know how much you inspire us!

SuzyQ said...

Thankyou Lisa!
This is such a beautiful award and your blog is so, so deserving of it.
Blessings and Love ~

Laura said...

I'm not sure if I deserve this very special honor, but thank you for it.
I agree with Bia too.
You are always inspiring and sure-footed in your postings.

Joannof10 said...

Thank you so much for the award, Lisa, it means so much to me. And if anyones deserves this, it is you!:-)