Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Construction Zone

The Nativity Scene, a little behind schedule...
Still needs light work, some finessing of the little river that runs in front of the stable, and lots of little touches before we get the shepherd and little animals and start moving them in.

Our felt Winter Village...
A little cock-eyed and dented from its off-season storage, it's in serious need of some more fluffy snow, some glitter, and a good arborist. But, William thinks it's perfect. He's not picky that way.
It's so much fun having a three-year-old around! Everything is new to him, as he barely remembers last year's Christmas season. He greets every new thing we bring out with high excitement and curiosity. Yuyum loves the Winter Village and thinks the Nativity Scene is pretty neat, if a little mysterious, but best of all he loves our spider web tree... We have a whole tree full of wire spider webs and bead spiders that we made last year. As you might guess, if you know about little boys, William cannot keep his eyes off this tree, and his busy little fingers naturally follow, of course. There may not be any spiders left by Christmas!I asked him tonight if he was looking at a spider, and he told me no,
it was looking at him!

(See, there he is. He's looking at you now!)


Laura said...

Very cute, Lisa.
This is another post that makes me want to be one of your kids.

Nicole said...

I remember it was when my kids were 3 that they first were really excited for Christmas. They were two little before.

SuzyQ said...

Awwww! He's a cutie!
I remember your nativity scene from last year. It is just amazing.

Bia said...

Do you still have the Silent Night Chapel, or do you make a new one every year?