Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Quotes of Note

"How old will Daddy be on his birthday?" Gabe wants to know.

"How old do you think?" I say." Take a guess; he's older than you."

"Oh, he's FIVE!"

"Try forty-two."


(Paul: Anyone seen my North Face beanie?)

Paul has a couple of wisdom teeth that are bothering him, a fact which prompted the following exchange between Jon and Michelle:

J: "When's it time to go to the dentist?"

M: "Don't know."

J: "Toof-hurty."

M: grooooooooaaaan

(Paul: Has ANYONE seen my North Face beanie?)

Mommy sneaking some peanut M&Ms:
William (3) says: "I won't tell on you, Mommy. You a googirl."

(Paul: Will you tell me if you see my beanie?)

This one between Michelle and Kevin:

M: What's a motet?
K: A female moat.
(Paul: My beanie? The black North Face one?)

Gabe to William, regarding Gabe's much-loved stuffed monkey:
"Yuyum! You kicked Lester right in the tag!"
Mom to Paul:
"Darlin', have you looked for your beanie?"
"No, have you seen it?"


GrandmaK said...

Pretty funny exchanges!! Did we find the beanie? Cathy

Lisa said...

&:o) Actually, we didn't. I personally don't think he ever had it here. He must have left it at his apartment. But, I went out last night and found them on sale, 1/2 off, so got him one. He was pretty pleased. &:o) So, now if he goes home and finds it, he'll have two.