Monday, October 22, 2007

Chocolate News

I knew it! Chocolate does run in some people's veins!

Nestle's paid for a study that proves it. Lab tests can find imprinted in your metabolism a chemical signature which either determines or signals (that seems to be a technicality yet to be determined) a predilection for certain types of foods. In this case, chocolate.

Not like we didn't already know this out here in the general public. Some of us are just born for chocoloate.

So, can I now say with authority that I can't help eating that plate of fudge Michelle made Saturday? That it's destiny that I should eat it all, bit by guilty bit?

We have to talk about diets... Am I immune to the ill effects of chocolate if its chemical signature floats in my metabolism?

Read the whole story here:


Eileen said...

I have discovered your blog maybe a month ago. I'm not sure by what link, but I am glad I have.

I remembered your post about your baseball team. I truly hope the Rockies can BEAT the Red Sox in the World Series. Our beloved Indians could not meet the challenge and we are heartsick here in Cleveland. Unfortunately for us, we are used to losing in the BIG games.

I know this isn't anything about your post on chocolate (but that was interesting) but had to lament our demise and to let you know I will be rooting all the way for your Colorado Rockies. Go Rockies!!

Lisa said...

Oh, thanks, Eileen! God bless you! Bummer that we couldn't meet the Indians in the World Series, but I have to tell you, I think we'll get more pleasure out of beating Boston. &:o) We are sooo excited here in Colorado, I just can't tell you!

Ellen said...

****GO ROCKIES****

And I'm SO glad someone finally put the truth about chocolate in writing! LOL With scientific proof, no less.

And yes, this should be an awesome World Series! Rock the Red Sox!

Eileen said...

Sadly, a plate of fudge by any other name would be as fattening. Darn these veins!

I think I also have a predilection for anything sweet, anything high in fat and anything that smells really, really good.

And I'm definitely *missing* the gene that reminds me of how rotten I felt last time I ate them!!

(But I doubt Nestle will be investing much in the search for *that*, huh?) :)

Lisa said...

LOL! I seem to be missing that gene, too, Eileen! Daggonit! And those folks that do study the healthful diet benefits stuff, I listen to with only half an ear, I'm afraid! But this Nestle's study got my full attention! -gg-

Lisa said...

HEY, Ellen! You guys going somewhere fun to catch the Rockies games???