Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mothering Styles...

I went over and took the quiz at mother styles and actually, I think the assessment is pretty much on target. Especially for answering only four questions! I guess I'm an "Individual Integrity" mother, one who is:

"both a role model and teacher of how to be an individual and live life with integrity. She is introspective, defining her own success from within, and generally confident in her decisions. She is unlikely to be persuaded by her children saying, “But all the other mothers are doing it.”

The INTJ is competent in providing for her children’s basic needs, but she is likely more focused on developing their self-esteem and confidence. Observant and insightful, she puts great importance on independent thinking and self-sufficiency, yet she is comfortable providing protection and boundaries.

Self-motivated and intense, the INTJ works hard and takes life seriously. As a mother, she lives for those moments when she can impart knowledge and offer her children perspectives on life and important issues.

The beauty of these assessments is that each of them is positive. I can't say I'd be ashamed to qualify for any one of the mothering styles. God gives us all the tools to do good things, though the tools may be different!

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