Monday, October 22, 2007

More Fun Stuff at the Pumpkin Festival

Now, for a more civilized use of this noble vegetable... This really talented pumpkin carver, inspired us to go home and try this art!
Being of Irish heritage, we're suckers for a pipe band! Anna, Theresa and Cathy looking on in the foreground.
Michelle in a pumpkin orange shirt. You can't tell by looking at her how cold it was out there!
Though it looks like Anna's lips are blue with the cold, it's actually just from a blue lolipop.William and Gabriel, my two little pumpkins. William was determined to get through these bars and out onto the field where all the action was taking place. Typical two year old, bless him.

We were really sorry our big boys missed this event, as the science of the contest would have interested them a lot more than the group we brought. Dominic (our 14 year old) would have loved this!

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