Tuesday, October 2, 2007

More interiors...

We wondered what they stored on these shelves in the main room of one house.
This seemed to be a food preparation area in what we thought was a kitchen of the same house.
Just a square of old wallpaper over an interior door was left in this one.
A bit of very old linoleum... Looked like it was originally grey and blue.
The built in cupboard in what appeared to be the dining room of the nice, white house.
Look at this peeling wallpaper, in an interesting Craftsman style pattern of leaves on a brown background.

Hope you enjoyed taking a little bit of the tour with us! It was such a cool, crisp day in the mountains, the leaves were twirling down over our heads. The gold and pale orange against the white aspen trunks and the dark of the pinetrees... All you could hear behind the children's voices was the swishing of the breeze in the evergreens. Just the perfect autumn outing.
And, though we don't really go in for the "witching" part of modern Halloween celebrations, there's just something about October....
What is it? Maybe it's because it's the waning of the natural year and we are slipping into the slumber time of winter... October seems to be about memory, and, well, "hauntings" fit into that category.
I've always been a sucker for a ghost story. Must be where Anna gets it from. And what are ghosts but souls, lost or not? Begging for our prayers maybe. It seems fitting that October acts as a prelude to the Feast of All Saints and All Souls.

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