Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More Great Ideas for the Season

Matilda has some great links today for All Saints and All Souls Day parties and decorations!

Colleen is hosting a Loveliness of Leaves fair over at Footprints on the Fridge this week, and next week Dawn, at By Sun and Candlelight will host a Loveliness of Handmade Gifts fair.

Over at Rocks in My Drier, Shannon is counting into the hundreds again this week in her Works For Me Wednesday extravaganza of tips and ideas. I haven't got time to post for that one today, as we're doing some vigil day preparations for All Saints Day tomorrow, and getting ready to have a nice Prairie Days homeschool evening.

We're watching the Little House on the Prairie movie for the first time together now that we've finished the first two books. The girls are all dressed up in pioneer dresses, bonnets and pinafores today, and will pass out candy and beatific smiles, should any goblins come to the door tonight. (We rarely have trick-or-treaters as our home is outside our town's "ghostly tour") If I have a chance, I'll print up some little Happy Feast of All Hallows Eve sliplets to wrap around the candy. &:o)

Our best wishes that everyone has a safe and fun evening! We know your angels have your backs!


SuzyQ said...

Your little house on the prairie night sounds like so much fun!
I used to love those books when I was little :0)

Lisa said...

I'll post a couple pics of my little prairie chicks when I can! We're absolutely LOVING reading these books together!