Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ok, so I'm really, really tweaked this morning!

We got home from the farm late yesterday afternoon. And, boy was it wonderful to be able just to sit on a couch again! (We were camping out at the farm sans furniture while we painted the house, for anyone who missed that.)

When I got up this morning and started putting everything away, I found, on our shoe rack in the mudroom, a pamphlet from the Jehovas Witnesses. Now, this was not on the shoe rack when we left. Our mudroom door does not have an outside lock (remember this is an old house), but we do have a lock between the mudroom and the main house. Some JW knocked on our door, apparently, and not finding us home opened our mudroom door and put their hand in my house to leave that pamphlet on our shoe rack! Can you imagine the gall!!!

And what makes it worse is the fact that one of the key articles in this pamphlet concerns contraception and the Catholic Church! I just can't believe that anyone would be so incredibly.... What!? Rude doesn't cover it!

For one thing, the article totally misrepresents the Church's stand on contraception, of course. But, to think that someone ~ someone from my community, obviously ~ would feel justified in making such a statement to my family in such an incredibly intrusive way! Running off like a thief, where I cannot answer their objection to my entire life and to the Faith I love, whose truth I would defend to my death.... AGH!!! Wouldn't I love to give them a piece of my mind!! I wonder if they snuck over here and put that pamphlet in my door because they knew we were not here?? (OK, sorry, maybe that's getting too conspiracy-theorist, but... Sheesh!)

(Deep breath) Anyway, when I calm down, I may have to write a letter or something. What to say? Agh! I feel so violated!



Anonymous said...

JWs make my blood boil...thanks for your comment..perfect!

Joannof10 said...

My husband loves when the JW's show up here. He opens the door and says, "I would love to talk." and then he invites them in and then goes on to explain the Catholic faith to them, usually very convincingly. (They never no what hit them.)

muddy mama said...

Completely off the subject...sorry...but I feel like I just found a treasure! Your blog is so beautiful! I have enjoyed every bit of my visit and will be back.

Lisa said...

Oh, Joann, I wish my husband had been here to get 'em! He just charms them to death, and sends them away speechless. I'm afraid I might have been so mad, I'd have blown it! (But, of course, if I'd have been here, they wouldn't have opened my door, either)

Hi, Muddy Mama, and welcome! Love visiting your blog, too!