Sunday, February 1, 2015

Weather Update

Started snowing yesterday morning, snowed throughout the day, and into the night...

The girls took pictures outside their bedroom window:

We woke up this morning to this:

Figuring it would be imprudent to try to make the trip in to Mass, what with the blizzard advisories and everything, we stayed home, prayed our rosary, caught up on the saints of the day, St. Brigid and St. Ignatius, read the Mass and discussed the Epistle and Gospel.  Not as good as Mass, but a pretty solid substitute under the circumstances.

It's definitely been an out of the ordinary Sunday morning!  June (our 85 year-old honorary grandma in residence) is dissing the whole snow thing, but the children are loving the adventure of it all.  They were excited as could be when the electricity went out on us for a little while  early on!  But Dan and I (and June) were more excited  when -- Deo Gratias! -- it came back on within a half hour.

  The warning spurred us all to action, let me tell you!  Everyone ran out to the woodshed and brought back arms full of firewood -- and while we knew we had power, we figured we'd better hop-to a good breakfast.  Big egg frittata and bacon.  Put on a big pot o' coffee.  Charged up all our phones.  Then sat down (still in our jammies, most of us) for an Ice Age marathon. Or most of us did, anyway...

William had other ideas.  He suited and booted and hatted and gloved back up and went outside all by himself....  to...  what?  Lie in the snow?

Actually, I do believe he's digging a little snow cave.

This will be the snowman template,
I understand....

 But he told me later, "No, they all collapsed.  I tried three or four times!" Poor little guy, out there all alone with collapsing snow caves...  

So some time today, in between Ice Age I and Ice Age II -- or maybe Ice Age II and Ice Age III -- the sibs have promised to go out with William and make a snowman.  Somehow or another, between this and that, it seems that William does not remember ever having built a snowman.  Seriously?  So it is now a goal (pretty much the only goal) for the day to help William build a snowman.  Can life get much better than that, I ask you?

Add a little home made chicken soup and breadstick and we're talking real perfection.

Stay warm, everyone in the path of Winter Storm "Linus" today!

The rest of y'all -- we don't want to hear about it.  (We like our snow.)

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