Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Making Hay While the Sun Shines

 So glad we have Dominic here to man the chainsaw!  Check out the forecast:

Sunny (Clear)
Sunny (Clear)°F | °C
Mostly Sunny
47° / 18°
35° / 4°
Mostly Sunny
18° / -5°
Mostly Sunny
18° / 8°
28° / 19°

It's a perfect day to fill the woodshed, sunny and warm.  Almost shirt-sleeve weather!  But look what we have in store for the rest of the week!

  I'm not sure what the other school kids are doing today, but this bunch got up at 6 a.m., finished their school work by noon and hopped to it. They know only too well how rotten it is to wake up in the morning to snow and a paltry wood supply to warm the house.  Proof that there are good and bad sides to living pioneer style.  We may not have all the easy comforts out here in the boonies, but it doesn't behoove anyone to nurture a lazy spirit, either.  These guys work hard!  And then snuggle in with satisfaction near the crackling wood stove on snowy days, knowing that their foresight and hard work are to be thanked for the warmth and security. C'est si bon!

Using the ladder to reach some old "hangers" -- dead broken branches dangling from the trees that really bug us. And Dominic without eye protection.  (Son!)

William, doing his part.  This is the wagon the kids got for Christmas.  The perfect gift, it serves a million purposes around here, for work and play.
Gabe telling me, "I found an old tire this big out in the weeds...
"And rolled it all the way up to the garage!"
And why did you do this, Gabe, exactly?  No answer there.  But, if I know this kid, he's cooking up something..

I'm off now to finish some correcting of school papers -- then I'm going to work on my garden plans!  It may not seem like it looking at the forecast, but spring is right around the corner - and we have to be ready for it, too!  


auntie said...

Can I come and live with you all? I am a good hand with a godevil (for splitting wood) and I have finally mastered the fine art of stacking wood so it doesn't fall down! My best skills lie in lounging, snuggling, and otherwise soaking in the heat from a a wood stove.

Lisa said...

Ann, there's a somewhat creaky daybed with a comfy mattress in the summer kitchen with your name on it. ;) Just say the word!