Sunday, February 1, 2015


William and I were talking about how he has been banned from bringing his toys out into the living room to play with them.
"I might let you bring them out again when I feel like you're more responsible about them," say I.
"Mommy," he corrects me, "it's not that I'm not responsible; it's that I'm lazy."
So, I'm staring at him, temporarily speechless at his self knowledge -- and the fact that he just admitted his self knowledge to me, when he continues:
"It's just that it is sometimes beyond me... "(Yes, he talks like this.)
"I'm overwhelmed with the mess."
My mouth is hanging open by this time, of course, but I have to cover it at now, because I'm feeling a laugh coming on... when he adds, "so, I really do know how you feel." 
Bahaha! (because, yes, then I laughed.)

It's a good thing William understands this stuff about himself -- there are adults out there who are not so clear in their thinking, or so honest about it to themselves, much less to someone else. He is certainly well beyond the age of reason and then some. But, boy, this kid puts the responsibility on *me* to keep him well in check; there's no doubt he knows *full well* not only when he's doing something wrong, but why he's doing it!  If he can keep this knowledge and perfect himself with it, he'll go far.  Hopefully as far as heaven.
I can learn something from this little guy.

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