Friday, February 13, 2015

Spotlight on: Theresa Philomena

Thursday is her night to make
dinner.  Here she's working on
stuffed peppers.  Yum!

Theresa turned 16 on December 30th, right in the middle of the busiest week on our family calendar, the days between Christmas and New Year, when the house is full of family and the days are... well,  just full!  So I sadly neglected to extol the virtues of this wonderful young lady, our sixth child and second daughter.

Theresa is a sweetheart; she always has been.  I honestly can't remember ever being upset with this girl.  She's never given me cause for worry or turmoil; she has never been anything but a comfort and a source of pride.  We're all in danger of diabetes just living with her, she's so sweet!  I say so with love and a kiss, with my tongue in cheek.

Serenading us.
Our Theresa, a.k.a, "Seesa," or "Sess" (and other silly nicknames I won't spread around) is an anchor of our household, one of the chief peacekeepers, my academic right-hand-girl, the soundtrack for our days, filling our lives with music and kindness.  She is an artist, a musician, a promising chef, and a child whisperer, always filled with a spirit of patience, piety, and natural goodness.  Doesn't she just make you sick?  Yeah, she's one of those.  And we're so blessed to have her for our own.  We all love our Theresa.  I can't believe she's 16, on the verge of adulthood already.  God, bless her always and help her to know Your will in all things in whatever road You choose for her.  Thank you for lending her to us!

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