Thursday, February 26, 2015

Me? Blog About Coffee?

Coffee is...

White ceramic cups at midwestern truckstops,
Styrophome cups sipped at a traffic light . 
It's wood and steel and cables and hardworking tabletops,
Grounds like earth, honest and forthright.

It's Saturday morning with eggs and bacon, 
Starting another pot when the last cup's taken; 
All-nighters studying for final exams,
Up before daylight, preps and plans.

Made on the run,
Pot brewed at dawn,
For round eyes and high fives
And days full-drawn. 

Brash and bold, the big brother of tea,
Coffee is for going.  Coffee is for me.
Especially Bullet Proof Coffee -- that which is getting me through Lent this year!

Have you tried Bullet Proof Coffee (BPC) yet?  It's not for everyone, but I love it!  Rich and full-bodied, hearty and nourishing, it's helping me through a Lent where I've got very little I can actually eat (since I'm low-carbing).  Check out the full descrip here.  And the "how-to" recipe here.

 Ignore the marketing pitch for specialized "MCT oil" and specialty low mold beans that cost a mint.  The key is to get the good grass-fed organic butter and organic low-mold beans of any variety.  We get the Trader Joe's brand, which is competitively priced -- and, though it may not be as "high octane" as the MCT oil, cold-processed organic coconut oil works just fine -- and can be purchased at a good price at Sam's.  Brew, add the goodies, blend until it whips into a frappe -- and mmmmbaby, you're good to go!  Yummy lasting energy!  

Not for low-fat dieters, mind you -- but just the ticket for folks who either don't need to lose weight or are doing the low-carb, high-protein lifestyle.  And, helping save me this Lent!

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Cathy Keller said...

I fear because of limits put on my intake of caffeine I will never be able to taste/try BPC, but enjoy, dear friend. Stay warm. I'm trying with my cup of tea! Cathy