Saturday, January 31, 2015

Random Photos of a Snowy Saturday

The beautiful flowers my sister sent.  Such a contrast between their springlike
glow and the cloudy snowy day going on in the background behind them!
Remembering our good friend, St. John Bosco, on his feast day today, asking for
his intercession. He's been one of our constant go-to intercessors through 27 years
of child raising.  It is his Salesion method that we depend on for counsel.
Some posts on Don Bosco here.

Dan and I spent the morning braving the cold and
snow to take care of a little shopping..  He did really well,
considering he's still not up to full strength, but is wiped out
now and taking some time to rest and recover.

Check out Cathy, my Barber's Apprentice.  I figure
after 25 years of cutting the boys' hair, it's high time someone learned to
do it besides me.  Cathy is a very able student, too!  Yay for me!  :)
Incidentally,  after watching the process here throughout their childhoods,
 After seeing it done for so many years at home, Frater Philip moved away
 and started cutting hair for the seminarians and Dominic knows how
 to do the job, as well, sometimes helping out at the seminary or boarding
school.  Just think of all the money that very first hair-cutting kit has saved over the years!

June says, "I am not going to smile while I'm standing here
doing bills."   I don't blame her.  

Theresa on the piano, of course.  Playing the theme from
"Somewhere in Time" here I think.  Look behind her against
the yellow wall; see the skeleton of the Nativity Scene/  While
Dan and I were shopping, Dominic and the kids took down
and packed away the majority of the pieces.  They left
up part of the main structure, though, with the idea that we
might want to do something fun with it.  (They kind of know
me, don't they?)

Best thing to do on a cold snowy Saturday afternoon?
Read a book!  While munching on cold fish sticks!
(You're a nut, Anna!)

Some people use long slow afternoons to wreck their closets.
(Trying to look cute doesn't help your case, William, dear.)

On tap for later:  fixing a broken ceramic village thing-a-majig.  Also have
out all the necessary "ingredients" to do this project -- but not sure when we'll
get to it...  maybe this afternoon, maybe tomorrow.  I'll post pictures
when we actually get it all done.

So, there ya go.  For posterity: what we've been doing today -- everybody, that is, except Gabe.  A snowy Saturday doesn't call for sedentary occupations if  you're a ten-year-old boy! No, if you're Gabe, you brush off the itchy remnants of your haircut, arm yourself with a camera and a warm coat, and take Penny for a little hike.  Wet and cold?  All the better!  But it'll be a warm cozy walk for you if you'd like to come.  Wanna put on your snow boots and join Gabe on his rounds?

And here we are, home again!  Did you enjoy the walk?  Come on in and warm up!  There's cocoa on the stove waiting for us!


Kim said...

Would love to share a hot mug of something over there : ) We LOVE the Salesian method as well. St John Bosco pray for us!

Cathy Keller said...

Wishing you a grand rest-of-the-weekend!! Cathy